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Anorei Collins Is The News Now, Lexxxi Luxe Was Yesterday

I know. My title is a pathetic attempt of satirizing the short-sighted hype cycles of the adult industry. The profane ejaculation of the given moment, as if our memory of anything else would crash in short intervals, like hard drives flawed by design.

Our girl with these world famous 40P boobs apparently flew to Miami and shot content for PlumperPass and for Score. PlumperPass was a few days earlier with their release. For a couple of days Anorei Collins became a thing of the past and we quickly learned her new name Lexxxi Luxe. Now the Score release is the news. And she appears as Anorei Collins again! I'm giving up to figure out the rationale behind these name changes. I mean i personally could assign 10 different names to one model. But i'm afraid these changes are not helpful for a model, as it confuses or even irritates the average user.  

So here is Meet Anorei Collins! Anorei (as we call her again) makes her Score debut with an image set on XLGirls and a matching 30 minutes video released on Score2Go, ScoreHD and XLGirls. She surely got the Score treatment in terms of makeup and and full glam lighting, but still shows the full range of what people love Anorei for. And she does everything many have been hoping for: Yes, she does lactate. Yes, she does masturbate. Needless to say that there are gorgeous views of her 38P boobs. This is probably the ultimate of Anorei as Anorei you can get in mainstream/glam setting.

Screen caps of the Flash trailer & the WMV sample clips:

Samples of the preview gallery:


Arianna Sinn: Hotter Than Ever On XX-Cel

XX-Cel keeps these recently shot updates with Arianna Sinn coming. And they look so good! She is doing solo and hardcore work for years now and she got really popular. But how fresh, flirty, adorable and just plain sexy she looks on these updates, it blows me away. I'm certainly not a stranger in terms of supporting a rather more natural look for many models. But it's more than that with these XX-Cel releases. Arianna comes across like having released all her chains and become a natural power of unstoppable hotness. Incredible.

Screen caps from the most recent video - just before Cel starts his well known breast 'worshipping' (not a HC scene, in case you're wondering):

Here's a couple of preview clips from her first video, a solo performance. I have a few 720p screen caps:

Samples from her first image set:


Shione Cooper & Westy - Stupendous Beach Battle

That's obviously a continuation of the Sunbrella at the Beach shoots (my title), what became the subject of by far my most popular post at the early days of this blog as well as for a similarly popular entry on my other blog. So this is content from a year ago that Lipstick111 decided finally to release.

I'm telling no secret when i say that releases taken from the vaults got to be extra exciting to be worth a blog update. This image set called La Bataille Du Sable (French for: Battle At The Beach) is more than that. Both Shione Cooper and Westy (who was at a very early stage of her pregnancy then) look at their very best. Not only physically, their absolutely unaffected and personal style puts them into another dimension of gorgeousness. If you are unsure about becoming a fan of them, you only have to check these images. 

The 'battle' of course is a peaceful one. Shione apparently started to throw a little sand at Westy … Lipstick111 has created an all-time classic with these sets. Now let's hope that there will be a matching video as well. The updates page so far shows only a related video, although that one looks very promising too.


Bettie Pumpkin Is Waiting By The Window

Very likely not the official title of this image. It's a sample from an upcoming release for her site. I have no further info about it, but my title suggestion isn't bad, right? In more serious news, Bettie Pumpkin continues to leave us speechless. This isn't exactly a straight view of her luscious curviness. But still the impression of her hotness couldn't come in a more dramatic way. And she's a got a sense for style! Oh Madonna Santa Rosalia :D You can always go to Bettie's updates page to check the latest additions.



- SIN DUDAR BRASIL ESTA EN CONDICIONES SI LO DESEA DE HACER DULCE CON SUS MUJERES...SI SEÑOR.!!!!! LAS MUJERES MAS ESPECTACULARES Y SORPRENDENTES CON SUS CUERPOS MAS TORNEADOS LAS TIENE NUESTRO PAIS HERMANO BRASIL.!!!!!PD: esta bebota reune toda una serie de virtudes ....sobre todo la caracteristica bunda y piernas brasileras ., que son un sello de ese pais tropical y ni que hablar del hechizo de esas nalgas y piernas cuando se ponen a bailar batucadas...ufffffffff...!!!!!! VAMOS BRASIL TODAVIA CON SUS BELLAS MULHERES .!!!!

Anorei Collins Is Now Lexxxi Luxe & Debuts At PlumperPass

Lordy. She makes us update our state of knowledge at very short intervals. Only 2 weeks ago i posted that Anorei Collins is no longer associated with and has changed her name to Lea Luxe. Now another name change to Lexxxi Luxe (her social network accounts like Twitter have changed accordingly). And now, under the new-new name, her debut release for PlumperPass is up! 

She has undergone a rather drastic change in her appeal, to a straight 'pornofication'. One has to get used to that. The shining cute girl look is gone (for now). Here comes Lexxxi, masked with a thick makeup that says 'strictly business'. And making the impression of the 'bored bad girl' who wouldn't show 30% naughtiness when she can lay 200% naughtiness into her look. Double Trouble BBW is announced is her first dildo scene ever. Actually she takes 2 dildos at the same time. Yes, she goes 200% again! Is there a relation to the 2nd name change, from Lea Luxe to Lexxxi Luxe? Will she do full-on hardcore in the future? Lexxxi tells: girl/girl definitely- boy/girl: (…) I wouldn’t ever actually have sex with a guy (other than my own guy, lol) especially not for the world to see… 

Lexxxi of course hasn't left Anorei behind. Her 38P boobs together with her epic shape are pure gorgeousness. Because Double Trouble BBW deals less with fancy outfits like her old site did and rather with a pure focus on her straight sexiness, she is a natural wonder to watch. And when i mentioned the 'pornification' and her harder look, there are still moments when the ice breaks and her beauty just shines. Samples from the preview gallery:

Because of the less harsh light and the smoother posing, i think these screen caps from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips do her more justice: 

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