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Reyna Mae - Ultimate Player With 36HHs

I'm always excited when i learn that there's a new release with Reyna Mae. When i actually see it, i'm surprised that she comes across even hotter than i would have expected. Ginger Loving is out now - her eighth image set/video release for PlumperPass, a solo scene. And right from the start there is this thrill again, getting my maximum attention again. Reyna Mae has those magnificent 38HH boobs, and that dramatically hot body. But the ultimate kick comes from her priceless hot style, with the absence of any overdoing or fake expressions. Truly amazing again. Screen caps from the Flash trailer:



- SIN DUDAR TIENE TODO EL PERFIL DE LA LATINA ARDIENTE....DE ESAS QUE NUNCA SE RINDEN EN LA CAMA ., Y DA BATALLA HASTA LAS ULTIMAS CONSECUENCIAS....SI SEÑOR.!!!!! SALUTACIONES DEL BIG CONDE PD: en una entrevista comento que le encanta usar minifaldas bien cortas, con tacos agujas ...pues le gusta provocar al amigo Luis XL ...sabra ella por que lo dice

Sophie Mae teaches Valory Irene, Arianna Sinn & Lana Ivans Belly Dancing (I know…)

Not sure why but somehow i haven't given this treasure gem full attention so far. Sophie Mae Teaches Belly Dancing (Score spells her Mae instead of Mei) was released last December - the video on Score2Go, ScoreHD and ScoreVideos, the matching image set on Scoreland. And it's simply too wonderful to miss. Sophie Mei obviously has passed through more than a crash course in (belly) dancing. So she is the perfect instructor for Arianna Sinn, Lana Ivans and Valory Irene. Sophie's moves are impressive. She is clearly a highlight of this scene, of course also because this (almost shy looking) sweet smile - always a pleasure to see - and her dramatically sexy body. 

The next big surprise is Valory Irene. Obviously not a newbie, and Scorevideos has released a solo belly dance scene with her. But the ease she responds with to Sophie's instructions, together with her winning smile, show her major talent. And the fun that she has. Such a sexy babe! Arianna Sinn and Lana Ivans add their share of pure pleasure. And actually it's seeing all 4 girls together what makes this scene so amazing. Thinking about it in general, i love this scene also because of its spontaneous fun character. That adds a lot of extra charm, something that wouldn't be present if the girls had rehearsed hard to look like perfect dancers. I would love to see more of such 'casual' dance scenes. Samples from the sample gallery first, screen caps from the WMV sample clips and the Flash trailer below:


Lexxxi Luxe (Anorei Collins) Has Shot With Juggmaster !!

If i had asked Which popular model would you expect next to appear at Juggmaster? - i'm sure Lexxxi Luxe aka Anorei Collins would have been an obvious guess. Juggmaster is the uber legend in terms of big or huge boobs, including plumpers and BBWs. Thus she so totally 'belongs' to his site. And he is an excellent photographer, raising the expectations for mind-blowing views to come shot by or in the pool and at other infamous locations on his place. Now, what's up with these names? Lexxxi Luxe is her official name now. But because Score f. ex. keeps using her older name, i'm not dropping it either. Also my visitor stats reveal that a lot of people still end up at my blog after searching for Anorei Collins. Anyway, here's the first sneak peak of Lexxxi's work with Juggmaster. The first 2 images are stills from a video. Below comes a sample comp from the first image set release.



- LAS BEBOTAS ASIATICAS ESTAN CADA DIA MAS EXPLOSIVAS...YA QUEDARON ATRAS AQUELLOS TIEMPOS QUE NO PODIAN COMPETIR CON LAS OCCIDENTALES ., LA MATRIX MADE IN JAPAN LAS ESTA ELABORANDO CON MUY BUENAS NALGAS Y CON PECHOS SUPER TENTADORES...SI SEÑOR.!!!!!! SALUTACIONES DEL BIG CONDE PD: aparte tienen un concepto de lo erotico muy superior a las latinas...con un perfil bajo y caritas de inocencia ., guardan un dragon rojo dentro de su cuerpo..y las llamas a flor de piel Ufffffffffff.!!!!!!!PD. se agradece muy especialmente a nuestros amigos brasileros que en muy poco tiempo ya superaron las 50.000 visitas en nuestro blogger ABDCHICAS. thanks.!!!!!!

Scarlett Rouge - Worshipping The Fluffy Uber-Doll

Scarlett Rouge returns to PlumperPass, in a slightly bigger shape. She is still the young sweetie, showing up, as i would say, in an uber-doll fashion. With her bigger and softer curves even increasing her sexy impact. BBW Worship 101, the title of the image set and video update, stands as an accurate description: It's a straight hardcore scene - her 12th now for PlumperPass - with a 'hands on' dedication to worship her enormous surper juicy curves. A couple of samples from the preview gallery first, screen caps from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips come below.


Janne Hollan - Her First Two Releases On DDFBusty

Ha! I almost had presented this girl as a new discovery. But a quick routine check revealed that Janne Hollan has modeled before. Boobpedia lists appearances on the sites of Nadine Jansen, Milena Velba and, as Brenda, on Cosmid. She doesn't look entirely different there, and certainly can't be overlooked. But her a tad more sweetie next door appeal somehow made me miss that connection first.

Janne Hollan Unleashes The Huge Bazookas is her second appearance on DDFBusty. It's a shower scene - image set & 16 mins downloadable video (in various formats, including 1080p) - and that means full nudity and a straight view on Janne's treasures. And they are very tempting for an ongoing observation. Janne Hollan is a beautiful girl with an easy-going vibe, fronted by 38F boobs, a nice round big butt and overall a very sexy amount of extra curvage. She's a girl who totally grows on me - i'm getting more and more addicted to this friendly looking and flirty lite plumper with her enormous curves, the longer i'm looking. Samples from the preview gallery:

There's a Flash trailer and WMV sample clips. As usual i find those even more radiant. Screen caps:

Finally a few samples from her 1st release:

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