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La culotte blanche d'Anastasia dans la salle de classe

En bas dans le fauteuil

Janne Hollan - Shiny Big Boobs

And here is Janne Hollan again. Doesn't she look at the same time like an angel and a cutie from next door? After her bathroom/shower set Janne returns to Score with Bra & Stocking Stuffer. Now that's a radiant choice of bra and panties, in particular on her bright skin, and packaging her voluptuous curves truly nicely. Of course we see eventually Janne's real eye candy, her juicy 38G boobs, in their uncovered glory. And we can watch closely how she dedicates these puppies an intensive creaming. The image set to Bra & Stocking Stuffer is out at Scoreland, the matching video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips


Angela en culotte noire dans la forêt

Lexi Lowe en bas

Angela en culotte dans les escaliers

Steffi en bas rouges

Kristina Milan: Huge Boobs Show In The Garden - At XX-Cel

After her supernatural bathroom and shower set back in July, Kristina Milan returns with her 6th photo set at XX-Cel. Kristina in the garden - the whole garden is her stage - and she simply shows us what she's got. And that is, as we all know, a lot. Yes, her 40J boobs, and when i said simply, then i also meant her instant, unaffected way of just showing off. Kristina looks so soft and gorgeous, and her boobs just plain huge, while she populates the various areas of the garden, it is more than amazing. This set has quite a variety of jaw-dropping shots, in Cel's famous pure style. The almost 100 photos have been released at XX-Cel about a week ago.


Elizabeth seins nus en string blanc

Elizabeth pour Met-Art

Elizabeth, une blonde en string blanc

En bas blancs sur le lit

Petite culotte blanche dans la forêt

Nelly seins nus et culotte rose

Nelly pour Met-Art

Nelly petits seins nus sur le lit

En bas dans le pré

Leonelle Knox en bas noirs

Angela en culotte rouge et en bottes

En culotte rose dans la cuisine

Roxy Mendez en culotte rose

Soubrette en bas blancs

Katerina Hartlova - Lipstick Mania

I would think that most models have something like a best or preferred look. In Katerina Hartlova's case that would be a very light makeup with definitely only a very subtle lipstick. Okay, maybe i'd say that with each model haha! But Katerina is a girl with a very distinctive and vivid face, plus these naturally very sexy lips, thus it's a good point to keep intact what she already has, and what people are loving. However, once a girl and her look are well established, like in Katerina's case, i think it's fine as well to do something different once in a while. Lipstick Mania, my title for this new DDFBusty update, might be a bit of a stretch, as she didn't use up a whole lipstick :D So Katerina Hartlova shows up as our peachy doll here, while her big 34DD boobs and her sexy butt look as scrumptious as ever. As well, not sure if i have that mentioned before, i think she has a particular delicate way to work with her hands and fingers. Seeing that together with her particular smile is truly fascinating. Maximum Cleavage Thrills comes just one week after the pink flippers release for DDFBusty's sister site HotLegsAndFeet. It's her 36th update for DDFBusty, and her 39th for the whole network (including all sister sites). More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer & the WMV sample clips


Diana en culotte rose

Diana pour Met-Art

Diana en lingerie rose pour le plaisir des yeux.

Des bas à rayures

Roxi Red & Her Bouncing 38K Boobs In The 3rd Video

2 days ago, the day it has been released, i blogged about Roxi Red's 3rd image set. The next day Score surprised me a bit by letting a 13:55 video follow with the same title, Size Matters. Yep, i never should underestimate these guys! I could update now my original post with a screen shot and that extra info. But, more than other videos, these samples - a Flash trailer and 2 WMV clips - add another dimension to the already thrilling image set. Let me just say: if you wonder why these screen shots look more blurry than usual (more than these low res sample clips unevitably are), it is because Roxi Red is shaking her stellar massive treasures so energetically. She is off the hook! Size Matters got released at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland.

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