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April Mckenzie - The Pleasures Of Fluffy Softness And Mega Gallons

PlumperPass - i said this before - doesn't make it easy to blog about their solo updates. They only release one low res Flash trailer which, because of the motion blur, sometime leaves very little chances to capture a few stills that don't look to bad. But an appearance of April Mckenzie is something i cannot miss. 

Dildo Loving is April's 17th update for PlumperPass, and looks like her purest and most upfront scene. Apparently there is no talk from the camera man, no random fooling around, just straight in your face April playing with her super luscious, long 36GG gallons and pleasuring herself with a huge toy. April Mckenzie hasn't such a big frame, what makes her plumpness look even softer and juicier. Together with her mega gallons - you won't find similar treasures with another girl - and her totally  unaffected look she comes across so soft and alluring, there's no comparison. Screen caps from the Flash trailer:


Destiny Rose Wins Over Her Professor

Destiny Rose is becoming the model for specific roles. Since her hardcore debut she was a cowgirl, a nurse, and now she returns as a college student who seeks a serious talk with her professor about a grade. And her best argument is that she noticed him watching her at her night occupation, performing in a strip club. We know where such a conversation turns to… 

Destiny Rose comes across the cute girl next door, with an alluring natural sexiness whom you can't directly assign a definite role. That's why probably she is so great with playing such roles. And she instantly can turn super sultry - together with her 36DDD boobs and this juicy plump body she becomes totally addictive. Destiny Rose is an irresistible sex bomb. But Professor…I'm a stripper! is her latest video - 26:45 mins long and just released on Score2Go, ScoreHD and ScoreVideos. Screen caps from the WMV sample clips and the Flash trailer


Brooke Max - Another Busty Cutie Re-Discovery From Cosmid

I have to give props to Cosmid for their honesty regarding their models. Like being clear about some of their discoveries, by telling that they had a modeling career before Cosmid. While other sites are giving us the idea that their models are exclusive. Stuff like that helps my motivation. Okay, you want to see dem boobs :)

Cosmid tell that they saw the first modeling traces of Brooke Max about 5 years ago. So i checked - indeed! Brooke has a few hundred images released by TheRedChair. Here's a gallery. As well she has a page on ModelMayhem, with a bunch of hot shots. Absolutely worth checking.

So now *drum roll* there is new content out with Brooke Max, as Cosmid have released her first image set. Her move to blonde hair looks great, as her posing has developed to become more outgoing, cheerful, flirty and upfront sexy. As the biggest change though her curviness has tremendously expanded, most noticeably in her boobs. These are some serious knockers what she is sporting now. She returns as a hell of a sexy plumper, and a most adorable looking one. I'm sure a lot of people will put her on their radars now, anxiously awaiting more releases. In the meantime can see a few more samples on fellow blogger Boobster's entry.


Lisa Canon - Girl With Overflowing Curves From Next Door That Makes You Dream

I know. I'm quite predictable in that respect: each time when a model comes with a straight, natural, girl-next-door style of release - in particular when she predominantly does hardcore work - i'm head over heels in getting excited about her. That doesn't mean that i wouldn't like the dolled-up look too. I just think that we need more of the natural look. Cause that's the appeal that gives a girl her a deeper right-in-our-visions impact. And the standing that roots her in our memories. 

XLGirls released such an image set with Lisa Canon now. It's aptly called The Girl Next Door. So, after something like 4 hardcore releases and 3 (i believe) solo ones, she comes in jeans, a straight shirt, very little makeup, and she shines! She seems to jump right in our faces, as outgoing and bubbly. Maybe like a girl you wished to meet in your local computer store (or similar everyday life places) - unfortunately we don't find them there - with wishes to hang out with her and have unforgettable fun. On top of that deliciously personal look, Lisa Canon has this overflowing body of a BBW, crowned by a nice butt and these gorgeous and big 34G boobs. Captured to best effect i would say. These are mind-blowing visuals of an uber-hottie. Samples from the preview gallery:


Aneta Buena & Ines Cudna Take A Trip To The Country

MyBoobs are really killing me recently with their flux of insane updates. And it's getting even better. Sexy Ines Cudna as the classic beauty queen and volcanic cutie Aneta Buena as the girl with the knock-out curves have established themselves as a dream team before. So today Ines takes Aneta on a trip to the country. When they stop, they forget about the beauty of the wildlife. There is a so much nearer attraction. They get their clothes off, grab each others boobs and butts, and explore them closely. Ines Cudna's sexiness shines under the blue sky, while Aneta Buena's juicy big boobs and super thick curves look downright tremendous. Amazing as well is the volcanic energy they are getting at each other. MyBoobs, as usual, have released the girls' trip with a photo set and a video  Samples from the preview gallery:

Screen caps from the Flash & WMV sample clips


Charlie Cooper Back In HC Action: - Fluffy Beauty Wiggling All Over The Place

Last weekend i mentioned that Charlie Cooper has been working regularly only for 2 companies, the ScoreGroup and PlumperPass. I should add that there's apparently a little race: whenever one of them releases an update, the other one follows quickly. So, after Score's monumental solo scene, here's Charlie Cooper with a new hardcore release, her 9th image set/video update at PlumperPass. If i'm not mistaken, it's her first work for them in her bigger shape (Score was a bit faster in that respect). Charlie has clearly BBW dimensions, and something else that i've noticed as well: Her whole appearance in front of the camera has become much more natural. Instead of just being the tremendously curvy body with the trademark smile, she has turned into an exciting to watch personality. 

Okay, i don't bore you with retelling the plot of Hit The Miss - you can expect a lot of sucking and fucking and Charlie Cooper jiggling and wiggling her fluffy curvage all over the place. One observation about the male talent, Levi Cash: At PlumperPass there are lots comments requesting him constantly, because he grabs and works the girls' bellies. Now he grabs Charlie's boobs and belly the whole time. Less might be more. Levi also has the tendency to be quite rigid and a control freak. He's certainly not the man to trigger fun or a natural flow. Although this time he looks a bit more relaxed. Either way, Charlie's beauty and her jiggly softness is something to be seen. Samples from the preview gallery:

Screen caps from the Flash trailer & the WMV sample clips:


Terry Nova - Fun, Sexy And The Signature Look

They call her Lea on YoungBusty, but of course this is Terry Nova. Here she is back in her  'signature outfit', for a solo video. Seeing these sample clips, i notice again how thrilling Terry is for her face alone. Regardless of her dominant expression, there's always so much else radiating from it, i call it the genuine Terry the-eternal-girl look, and that is just too sexy. Sure, that's the extra effect about her. Terry is a wonderful flirt, and gets down n dirty too. So she teases us nicely with those famous 36F boobies, till she starts working thoroughly on her pussy. Perfect views of her tremendous legs of course are not missing. YoungBusty have lots of Terry Nova fun - solo and hardcore - on their site, over 30 releases by now. Screen caps from the sample clips:


Duana - First Video Of The New Polish Big Boob Sensation have released now the first video of their new discovery, the mega boobed Duana. As promised, here's a couple of screen shots that i've taken from the video. It is released in a (downloadable) 1080p (1920x1080) MP4 format, to make sure that we get Duana's mouthwatering treasures with the maximum impact. Now, seeing her in motion, it becomes even more obvious what a wonderful discovery she is. Her sweet side comes much better across, and her maybe a tad shy character - which is all nice of course, as she appears to be a natural and adorable girl. While her tremendous boobs are sure inspirations for the wildest dreams. If i had to choose one of these screen shots you shouldn't miss, it would be the last one. Signing up to gives you access to the full 7:31 mins high quality video.


Shione Cooper And Katerina Hartlova - Initimate Office Relations

Two weeks ago, when the images of Kathy Kozy aka Katerina Hartlova & Shione Cooper from the Chance Of Promotion set were released, i expressed my hope that there would be a matching video. The outfits, the chemistry of Katerina & Shione and the whole scenery looked too thrilling. An obvious expectation, as there is indeed now the video on Nadine Jansen's site. I repeat my observation that this is Shione Cooper's hottest outfit in a long time. Katerina Hartlova looks super tasty as well, and together they make such an alluring and sexy team, it's priceless. A who doesn't love two sweet hotties getting at each other on a glass table? :D Probably the most mesmerizing girl/girl release this year so far. The whole scene is available in various (downloadable) HQ formats on Nadine-J. Screen caps:

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