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Milena Velba - Breakfast, Classical Style

There are amazing things that we can see at Milena Velba's site. Like this old school wicker tray. My grandma had such a tray, it must have been decades old. Decades ago! A breakfast consisting of slices of cold meat and cheese, a boiled egg, bread rolls and marmalade as well is something i'd consider as the old school type of ("Continental") breakfast that used to be common in German Hotels. It's still available, but not so popular anymore. Hahaha, i love these details. Milena Velba's seems to care less about these educational aspects. She looks hot as hell - with her 36J boobs anytime, while her casual and ready for business vibe makes her irresistible… After her breakfast, Milena is perfectly ready either for a Frühjahrsputz (Spring Cleaning) or to provide some serious help to her friend Allegra - what indeed have been Milena's recent activities on her site.


- ESTE ESPECIAL Y VARIADO POST ES PARA PREPARARNOS PARA EL CRUDO INVIERNO QUE SE VIENE POR ARGENTINA...QUE POR LO QUE SE PRESUME SERA MUY FRIO .,PERO ABDCHICAS SABE COMO EQUILIBRAR TEMPERATURAS...SI SEÑOR.!!!!! SALUTACIONES DEL BIG CONDE PD: como acostumbramos ultimamente hacemos un post variaditos referente a la  tematica para dejar conforme a la variedad de visitantes.!!!!

Shyla Shy: 2nd Pregnant Update - Continuing Score's Amazing Tradition

Score made a big splash around 2 weeks ago when they presented the first release with pregnant Shyla Shy. Shyla has always been an amazingly sexy busty plumper. With her massively grown boobs and her round belly (she had always a little pot belly), but also her glow, she is in another dimension now. Her new hairstyle contributes to that impression of a glowing sexy beauty. That (hardcore) release obviously didn't only excite the outspoken lovers of pregnant women. Presenting knocked up big boob favorites to a happy mainstream audience has become something like a tradition, and Score are quite proud of that. F. ex. both April Mckenzie and Sunshine have had multiple releases (samples below), and they all were popular.

Fresh at the Scoreland site is now Shyla Shy's second pregnant release called From Hump To Bump. It's a solo set, 90 images, so Shyla being the shining center of our attention. Again her cute, curious look is too gorgeous. But as the big deal comes of course her tremendously expanded boobs and her stellar roundness all over. Together with her typical relaxed vibe, she looks just overwhelmingly sexy. Samples from the preview gallery:

April Mckenzie from Bump And Knockers and Sunshine from Fertility Goddess


Lexxxi Luxe - Oil Time For Her 38P Boobs (XX-Cel Video)

And of course not only for her boobs. This is the 2nd video with Lexxxi Luxe (formerly known as Anorei Collins) from her work with XX-Cel in France. It's out for a couple of weeks now, and finally i have a few screen shots to post. Lexxxi, in simple casual wear with denim shorts and a black top (it goes off quick), gives us plenty of views of her curvy body, world famous of course because of these 38P boobs. Then she grants her treasures an intensive oil and massaging treatment, what we can watch again in various positions and with perfect detail - the video is in True HD. Lexxxi's boobs look so big and wonderful, just mind-blowing. At the same time - thanks to the 100% straight and no gimmicks style of this almost 14 min video - Lexxxi totally puts us under her spell with her cute and totally gorgeous appeal. So this one isn't just about her boobs, it's about Lexxxi as a whole package of overwhelming hotness. Just irresistible! Lexxxi's existing fans will love it anyway, while it is the ideal video for people to find themselves blown away by Lexxxi for the first time. XX-Cel so far have released 2 videos and 3 photo sets with her.

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