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Shione Cooper And Laura Orsolya: Would You Call That BAKING ? (And A Comment On Shione)

Laura Orsolya and Shione Cooper are something like 2 model generations apart. Without implying here that the average life span of a popular model would be around 5 years, but rather that an exchange of the vast majority of the models happens within such a time. Laura Orsolya, as a rare exeption, especially out of the models who do hardcore, is still around, after starting her career around 1997. That's 15 years! Okay, she took her breaks, thus escaping over-exposure to some extent, but people always kept talking about her. Very impressive! She turns sweet 35 tomorrow (April 10th) BTW. Happy birthday, Laura!! Shione Cooper is 24 now and came to the scene at the beginning 2009 - just 3 years ago, yet within such a span we've seen models rise like comets, decline and disappear. 
By sheer coincidence, Reese asked on his MyBoobSite blog about the thoughts on engaging in a long-term relationship with a porn star, and his featured example is Shione Cooper. I have written more about Shione than any other model, so i posted a reply there, with some (probably) unconventional thoughts. Might be an interesting read, thus i share it here, as a comment below.

DDFBusty got Laura Orsolya and Shione Cooper together for Smash Of The Titans, rising Laura's update count to 45 (56 on the entire DDFNetwork), and Shione's count to 18 (25 on the DDFNetwork) - each update comes with a full length downloadable video and an image set. Would you expect Laura & Shione getting together, just baking a cake the proper way and eating it later - so that this would look HOT? Actually i could, but it would require well chosen outfits and 'erotic' camera work. Laura and Shione totally have the sexiness and the subtlety to do that. DDFBusty however - turning my title question into a theoretical one - decided to give us some serious spectacle. Good as well, of course! At the beginning Shione indeed looks 'innocently' committed with making a pastry. Laura joins, but instantly has more interest in Shione's 34F boobs and grabs them. Shione gets the idea that all these cake ingredients are useful on Laura's 38F boobs, and a big mess starts….  leading to some very sensual, exciting to watch boob and pussy playing, involving the pastry tools. So there is more about Smash Of The Titans than just the messy part. Shione and Laura, the surprise team, develop some intensive interrelations...  Starting with samples from the preview gallery

The final 5 images are screen shots from the Flash trailers and WMV sample clips       

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