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Iva Kleinova (Mandy May) - Fresh Return in 2011 !!

Seeing news from Iva Kleinova aka Mandy May always gets my temperatures rising. Iva is a living legend! As we all know, she officially retired from shooting hardcore many years ago (in 2006 i believe), after going through a busy schedule since she was 19 (Iva was born in 1983). Soon after she shot a bunch of solo and girl/girl content (with her sister), showing a more feminine looking Iva. Those were phenomenal shots as well, and, so i believe, very popular ones too.

Iva had a very busy Myspace page then. She was real nice and talkative there - at least to anybody who respected her rules: playing nicely. Yes, she's a smart cookie. I enjoyed so much this occasional exchange of comments with her, so that i turned her into a cactus head, the 2nd ever (see below). Unfortunately Myspace kept deleting her account for no apparent reason - 7 times i believe, so she gave up finally.

In 2009 a few new sets appeared. Where Iva showed a quite reserved and not very shiny look. She was good looking, sure. But also in an unusual way 'introverted'.

As a pleasant surprise, XX-Cel released fresh content early January. Showing Iva (Cel uses her old Mandy May name) with THAT look that contributed to her becoming a legend. And which still makes my senses tumble like ice cubes in a shaker. And puts a huge smile on my face. I can't wait to see more of Iva's new shots.


My famous cactus head tribute: 

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