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Kristina Milan: Regular Darling Ready To Blow You Away

This got to be changed! My list of Kristina Milan updates is showing a big gap now to my last entry. Of course i'm a huge fan of Kristina (as you might have noticed), Kristina 'does it anytime' when any of her images or videos pop up on our screens, and, on the news front, her latest batch of work - with Cel, who traveled to the Dominican Republic, made it with more updates to XX-Cel

There have been long discussions in the past about Kristina, like which type of content or image would fit best to her. Or: in which direction should she steer her career? An interesting subject, because Kristina is neither a strictly bad and nasty girl, nor only the glamorous dream girl. She has a bit of all of that, and makes more and more the impression of a very real girl, with a lot of very real love and ambition inside her. Something that my short interview revealed too. It fits very well that XX-Cel portrays in that way, rather in her casual look, without fancy outfits or stylists turning her into something else. Her angelic face looks even more adorable, while her overflowing curves with these 40J boobs are just mind-blowing. These first 2 samples are from the 2nd image set released on XX-Cel.

Cel wouldn't be Cel without his signature scene, i. e. getting his hands on Kristina's unbelievable boobs, massage them and let his face sink into them. Notice how big Kristina's boobs are in comparison to Cel's not exactly small head. A few screen captures from this video, the 2nd one with Kristina on XX-Cel (the first one is featured here):


In addition to the entries here and there, Cel has sent me a few more photos from the first image set (note that Cel's image sets usually are rather big). XX-Cel has some real exclusivity here (currently), as being the only place that - apart from her cam shows - can show recent content with Kristina Milan, and in a big way!


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