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Tessa: The Jägermeister Tank Top Boobilicious Dance

And another popular Cosmid girl with a quick follow-up. Yellow Tank Top Dance is only her 4th update, but at least now you know why each release with Tessa is big news. Just 20 years old, she is cute as a button, with her teen-like, unstoppable enthusiasm and innocent smile. And she is super spontaneous, not one bit restrained or afraid of eventually looking goofy. Tessa is a girl just to be loved. In this new video she picks her favorite tunes, to catch us with her bubbly dancing skills. She wears the Jägermeister tank top again, and it takes not one second to notice why Tessa is major news. This girl has some serious big boobs. The tank top eventually goes off, and we see her wonderfully shaped, stellar treasures in their full glory. Gorgeous views! And now in better detail, after Cosmid have upgraded their videos to 720p H.264 .mp4 clips. Screen shots:

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