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Nadine Jansen: The Black Nurse (With Too Much Time At Her Hands)

Isn't it always something special when Nadine Jansen comes with a release that has a *dark* or bad girl vibe? I mean those are never just OMG look! Nadine doing … (something unexpected). Nadine certainly is someone everybody would recognize in general as a good girl. But whenever she leaves her sweet and cute appeal behind, this never looks half-assed. It is always fascinating and jaw dropping, because Nadine simply doesn't take prisoners. That's amazing.

Black Nurse is an image set that just got released at her site. Black is not only the color of her nurse outfit - which of course turns her into a fabulous looking nurse. But this nurse apparently doesn't have a patient to exercise her skills on. You can tell from her look right from the start that she's into something else here. So she goes to this semi deconstructed place, and tries her gadgets on herself, like these rubber bands on her huge boobs. You find the whole set at Nadine Jansen's site

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