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Shione Cooper: The Unforgettable Prima Ballerina *Update*

This is not Madame Butterfly. It's Madame Shione, as Lipstick111 originally titled this scene, featuring Shione Cooper. And she does some real classical style dancing. The whole effect is truly epic, even without her getting topless and fully nude. What she eventually does, and what finally makes this scene unforgettable.

Certainly a very iconic scene. After i saw it the first time it kept stuck in my head, while i had difficulties to isolate and word discrete impressions. Which has probably to do with Shione Cooper's whole modeling career, and the extreme turns she took. But also because her performance looks so overwhelming… It's not the point whether she does proper classical dancing. I would think she has some training (although i don't know anything about this genre) but the impact she makes comes from her talent and her imagination, letting her create something that carries its own fascination in a big way. While it doesn't look like a pointless attempt at doing art, not for one second. It breathes its own gorgeous excitement.

It's somehow ironic that Shione did a ballerina theme before, for YoungBusty. It's a hardcore scene which, despite a funny beginning, wasn't very convincing IMHO (she has done some great work for YoungBusty though). Shione just looked not there, probably worn out from too much shooting. With this prima ballerina however she created a monument with this super original but also totally convincing scene. An expression dance that only she can do. If Shione Cooper wasn't already a legend, she certainly is one by now. Does somebody else share my enthusiasm? Or what is your opinion?  

Madame Shione was just released in its entirety and better quality through the Lipstick111 site. And will be included on a DVD announced for February 2011. See my screenshots plus a low res "stream" below.

Update: Corrected a few details and added better screenshots.

After replacing the low Q screenshots i found that we might want to see Shione showing a little smile. Yes, she hardly does that when she's with herself. Apparently she saves her smiles for actual communication. 

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