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Siberian Beauty - Blazing Roundness

For a while now i've been wanting to do an entry about Siberian Beauty. This wonderfully thick Russian girl, who lives in Moscow and works as an interpreter in her main job, has a blazing pair of big and full boobies. And also a booty with a similarly insane shape and nice roundness. See here. She is certainly is thick and curvy in a spectacular way. I can lively imagine her just simply walking around in some tight bikini … a stupendous girl! Since her pregnancy (till early 2009) she even added a few extra dimensions.

Siberian Beauty's style of photos always kept me a bit hesitating. Although technically very good, there aren't many straight shots. Most of the time she seems to sit or to lie, and is shown in rather quirky angles, with the focus on her legs (which are certainly nice), her ass or her upper half. We hardly get the full impressive image of her. Okay, that's always been her style, and she's in business for many years now, so there must be fans who like that.  And her style of shots certainly is very sexy. I just wished she would do more instant killer shots. Straight views that instantly take your breath away. With such a body, easily. Nonetheless, Siberian Beauty is the bomb!

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